Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hope You Are Having a Great Summer!

Hope you are having a great summer break! August will be here before we know it.  Below is the supply list for the start of school. 

Sixth Grade Supply List:
* Bible (King James)
* 2 Packs of loose leaf notebook paper
* 1 inch - 3 ring binder (must be able to fit into desk)
* Pens for classwork (Blue or Black only)
* Red pens for checking
* Pencils (You may use mechanical or regular)
* Compass
* Protractor
* Erasers
* Zippered pencil pouch
* Colored pencils for maps
* 1 Composition notebook
* 2 Boxes of tissues
* 1 Box band-aids
* Student planner and God's World News (The school will purchase these and parents will reimburse NLCA)

We will have an open house before school starts.  I will post additional information once the date and time are set.