Friday, March 31, 2017

Upcoming for the Week of 4/3/17

Monday - Reading Vocabulary Quiz; Health Quiz Chap. 5; Math corrections are due
Tuesday - Spelling List 31 Pretest
Wednesday - Spelling List 31 Test (if necessary)
Thursday - Bible Memory Verse Ps.91:3-4
Friday - Reading Vocabulary Quiz (10 words); Health Test Chap 5 & 6

Research Projects

I will be returning all draft reports on Monday for students to make final corrections.  All reports are due on Friday, 4/7.  Refer to handout for additional information.

Achievement Tests

Achievement testing is scheduled for 4/10-4/12 (next Monday to Wednesday).  It is very important that all students attend and be well rested.  Students need to bring at least three #2 pencils and eraser to class on Monday, 4/10.

Easter Party

Sixth Grade will be having an Easter party on Thursday, 4/13.  A refreshment sign-up sheet is posted in the room. 

Easter Break

Easter Break begins on Friday, 4/14.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Upcoming for the Week of 3/27/17

Monday - Math Quiz on shapes and terms; Pronoun Quiz
Tuesday - Spelling list #30 pre-test
Wednesday - Reading vocabulary words quiz; Health Quiz; Spelling list #30 test (if necessary)
Thursday - Bible memory verse Ps 91:1-2
Friday - Rough draft of final research report due - refer to your guideline for requirements

Achievement Tests

Achievement tests are scheduled for 4/10-12 (Monday - Wednesday).  It is important that all students attend.

Spring Break

Spring Break is scheduled for 4/14-4/21!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Upcoming for the Week of 3/20/17

Monday - Reading Vocabulary Quiz
Tuesday - Spelling Pre-test List 29
Wednesday - Health Chap. 7 Quiz, Spelling Test List 29 (if necessary), Language Quiz Use of Pronouns
Thursday - History Test Chap. 9

Donations Needed

If you are able, please send boxes of tissues.  We are still in cold and allergy season.  Thanks so much!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Upcoming for the Week of 3/13/17

Tuesday - Math Quiz; Spelling Pre-test List 28
Wednesday - Spelling Test List 28 (if necessary); Language Open Book Test on Nouns
Thursday - Bible Memory Verse Luke 2:12-13
Friday - History Quiz 9.1-9.3

Research Project

Final outlines are due on Monday!!

End of 3rd 9-Weeks & Report Cards

The third nine weeks ended on Thursday.  Report cards are scheduled to be printed on Tuesday.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Upcoming for the Week of 3/6/17

Monday - Reading Vocabulary Quiz
Tuesday - Spelling Pre-test List 27; History Test Chap 8
Wednesday - Spelling Test List 27 (if necessary); Math Test Graphing
Thursday - Bible Memory Verse Due (Luke 2:10-11); Science Quiz (open book)

Research Project

Keep working on the project!  Use your guideline and time table that has been provided! Beat the deadlines for extra credit.  Do not wait until the last minute to complete your work.